Hello Autumn

Life has been crazy and of course my blog has to be put on the bottom of the priority list, but now I have the opportunity to change that. With the kids back to school and our household settled into our new routine, I finally have time to set aside for my “business”, blog, and Instagram. I have a shopping cart all ready to go to finally open my shop online and though it will be through a different source than I originally wanted, it’s coming along and I’ve waited a very long time to make this happen. Finally! Until it’s 100% completed and full of products ready to be sold, I have been getting products ready for the local Harvest Festival we hold in town. It’s only the second year and last year was a blast to be apart of with some really talented people sharing their passions. Hopefully this year is more successful and any left over products will be sold here for cheaper prices! I’m so excited for what the next few months and remainder of the year have in store for our brand. Welcoming Fall with open arms over here!! 😊




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