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Autumn Front Porch

With the trees getting ready to trade their summer green leaves for hues of orange and yellow vibrance, like every year, I breathe Autumn in as a time for restoration and new beginnings. It is by far my favorite season. The gorgeous view I have the pleasure of waking up to every morning becomes even more so as the leaves begin to turn. All of my neighbors seem to bring Fall in by bonfire and the smell of the crisp Autumn air followed by burning wood just makes my soul sing. I love the colors, the weather, the smells, the bonfires, the pumpkin everything, the chance to wear jeans, sweaters, and boots… I can go on forever.

Without the risk of sounding like a seasonal Hobby Lobby sign, I will just get to the front porch tour via photos. Enjoy.


This wonderfully rusted bucket is gift from my Father-in-Law! Absolutely love it!!!

MUMS and mini-pumpkins can be found @Walmart all for less than $5!! (5 little pumpkins for under $3!)

Amber vases, glasses, and bottles are a HUGE trend this Fall season. I found mine at Target from the Magnolia Hearth and Hand collection from Joanna Gaines.

Looks like its time to re-paint the porch!

Can you spot Jack and Junior? LOL

You can see the backwards “LOVE” sign my daughter hung in the front bedroom.

The steps definitely need a good cleaning this weekend. Do you FALL Clean too?

Still love my neutral pumpkins from last season. They can still be found at Michael’s Craft Store. Olive buckets are from Homegoods. Majority of the decor on the front porch are from Hobby Lobby, Target, Michael’s and Homegoods. Most still can be found this season. The table is an antique find and the chairs are from Tractor Supply. The WELCOME ladder is a DIY from scrap wood, painted letters, and an old discarded ladder from a jobsite.

The Antique Crocks holding MUMS are from The “Antiques Only” Barn in Washington Township, NJ. -They now have “Lay-Away” which makes pricey antiques much more obtainable with only 15% down! Check out their amazing selection of new, old, and found goodies from several unique vendor booths! *Definitely my GO-TO Stop for all my antique and vintage collectibles and decor at Fowler Cottage.

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Kitchen Before and After

When we bought this house every room was like a blank canvas. Builder grade to the core. We live in a small town, in a small house but I wanted people to be transported to a farmhouse cottage the moment they walk in the door. My home is designed from the heart and my heart loves white, shiplap, subway tile and open shelving. So of course when we gained the budget to renovate the kitchen, we let the heart lead.

And After…

We removed the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to create an open concept feel. We also completely changed the layout of the kitchen to better suit our needs. I needed the kitchen sink facing the bay window into the backyard so I could clean and keep an eye on the littles. We also had to build a pantry since we had no upper cabinets or storage to store food and cleaning products. Our pantry has a sliding barn door (that my husband built), and a chalkboard door for grocery lists and scheduling. The island was also a diy that held our microwave and baking pans. The island, however, now resides in our garden as a potting bench.

Our kitchen still is incomplete with the unfinished beam exposed, baseboards and trim not yet installed and the ceiling soon to be raised and possibly exposed as well.

The concrete countertops (that we created with molds from Z-CounterForm) were possibly the hardest part of the kitchen because it was our first time pouring concrete, but it was surely a fun learning experience. I wanted the countertops to look raw and natural… like as if we ripped up sidewalk and plopped them onto our lower cabinets. They are imperfect and rough in some spots but so beautiful. Best part about them are their durability. We can spill anything, cut anything, even drop anything on them without a scratch that you most certainly would have from any other type of countertop. Of course we have a wonderful sealant provided by Z-CounterForm, Concrete Countertop Solutions. And yes, I know our drawer pulls are crooked LOL! I never had them fixed because we are getting ready to replace them with something new.

Our sink is probably my favorite thing in the kitchen. I wanted an apron farmhouse sink but our lower cabinet just didn’t suit the shape so we went with this beautiful Kohler drop in that is just as big and just as useful. From bathing babies and puppies to taming all of my cray diy project messes, our sink sure has seen its fair share of action. Our countertops have too…

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Kitchen Progress (Winter 2017 Kirklands IG feature)

We worked our butts off in this house. We redid our kitchen twice in the last three years to get it to where it is now. The last renovation was $500… this one was a lot more but we saved up tons and waited a long time in between projects. You do not need a big budget to get the kitchen you want. You just need two things… hard work capability and time. Salvaging, repurposing, saving searching, and creativity are also very important towards a kitchen renovation with a small budget. We salvaged old cabinets and wood. We repurposed shelving. We searched for the cheapest deals on a sink and subway tile. We made shiplap out of plywood. We splurged on paint though because in a kitchen you should always buy paint that resists stains, mold, and scuffing. Everything else was work ethic. We believe when we want something, work hard and you’ll get it. We sure did work hard. And we almost have it. Still have the whole other side of the kitchen to complete but for the moment, I am deeply in love. & its not just with that wonderful, amazing, talented husband of mine 😉

Featured on Kirklands Instagram

More photos to come…


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Bedroom Tour (& Downlite Bedding Collaboration)

I didn’t get a chance to decorate our bedroom for the holidays this year so I decided to give her (yes my bedroom is a her…🤗) a little makeover between seasons. Its still a neutral space, but still may call spring just a little bit…



Back in October, we gutted this room, ripped up the rugs and even had to rewire a few things. We put shiplap up, barn wood floors down and painted it all white and I couldn’t be happier with the end result…

We had the privilege of collaborating with Downlite Bedding which provided my husband and I with brand new pillows from Tommy Bahama. They are king sized, down, cooling pillows and probably the best pillows I ever had the pleasure of resting my pretty little head on. For reals. I always want to actually use something for a few days before I give a review about them, and I wouldn’t be telling you that they are amazing unless they really were!

The best part is that the lovely people of Downlite Bedding are offering my Instagram followers and blog readers a chance to use this special code to get 15% off!! Head over and get your very own amazing, comfy, cooling pillows today!

Downlite Bedding 


Thanks for stopping by! Check out my instagram for more behind the scene action of my life and home decor styling. Also stop by Downlite Bedding on IG and use our code LBGEN15 to receive the 15% off your bedding purchase!! Don’t forget to follow if you aren’t already! 🤓❤️

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One Month to 31 (& winter porch tour)

I am going to be 31 in exactly one month from tomorrow. After 30 years of being on this Earth, I learned many things. I’ve learned through experience that life is everything YOU make it to be. Perception is key. Love is blind, but can be endless. And the most important thing I have ever learned through the years of being a daughter, sister, mother and friend is to never compare yourself to others. Not just yourself, but your life. There has been many times I have felt envy rear its ugly head through my own eyes when I was “younger” and nothing good ever comes from seeing green. They say the grass is always greener on the other side but thats only true if you forget to water your own lawn because your too busy watching your neighbors. I was never happy comparing myself to others and how can you be? You have to be happy with yourself to be happy with your life. It takes some people a life-time to learn that. Don’t get me wrong, I get discouraged when I try to obtain a goal in life and fall short…but there is no sense in holding hate for others who have what you want. To hold love and happiness for another person’s successes will fill your heart far more than envy. Isn’t that what life is about? Happiness? Finding happiness and contentment for what God has given you is also important. I believe that all of us have a path in which we are meant to follow. God lights the way. Sometimes we might get overwhelmed or even underwhelmed with what lies ahead of us, but trusting that God has a plan gives me “calm”.

When I was a little girl I dreamt of owning the very home we are in now, and I have been through so much in my 30 years that I still find it amazing that God led me to where I am now. And though I don’t know if we will be here forever, this home holds such a big place in my heart that I can not imagine living anywhere else at this moment in my life. Our home is not only a place to rest our heads, but a canvas, a stepping stone, a haven, a memory, a place where my husband and I are building such an amazing life and future for our little “big” family of ours. We have made such progress to this house and have so many plans developing for not just our home but for others. Though my dream is to one day open up my cottage shop here online and brick and mortar, we have another “project” up our sleeves that might end up happening before the other considering I still can’t figure out how to put a “shopping cart” on my website *face palm*. That’s another thing I need to work on. My stubbornness to figure out how to do everything on my own. Sometimes its better to get some help from others I suppose. Hopefully the big three – one can give me the strength and experience (and patience) to finish what I start like my promise to myself and others of an online shop LOL. One day at a time.

As for now, in this very moment. I am happy. I am happy with my home even though there still is walls to sheetrock, spaces to paint, pictures to hang, and rooms to change. I am excited to finish the things I started in 2017 and excited to see what 2018 and 31 has in store for me and my family. I pray this year brings all of us lots of luck, happiness, and success especially YOU! God Bless.

Here is also a short tour of our Christmas/Winter Porch